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Sajjad Haroon, B.Eng., President and Lead Application Developer and Programmer

Following several years of experience as an IT Service Manager for MTC Computers, Sajjad joined Diet Kontrol Inc., a company specializing in software for food service departments in Long-Term Care in 2008 as a programmer. Since then, Sajjad has become the Lead Programmer for Diet Kontrol Inc. and has established a track record of providing cost-effective, secure and user-friendly solutions for his clients. As a successful project manager, Sajjad has extensive experience leading projects through all stages, from concept through to release. As a programmer, Sajjad’s primary focus is the end user experience. This approach allows Sajjad to produce applications that are innovative, streamlined, and user-friendly.

Prior to his career in the IT field, Sajjad completed a Bachelor degree in Engineering Systems and Computing with Honors’ Program at the University of Guelph and a certification in Information Systems and Networking at the DeVry College of Technology.


Terry Champ, B.A.Sc., P.Eng, Vice President, Program Development

Terry Champ, B.A.Sc., P.Eng Vice President, Program Development

Terry Champ, Vice President, Program Development of Diet Kontrol Inc, is a registered Professional Engineer with a degree in Applied Science (Mech.) from the University of Toronto. He also completed a 10 year program to become a registered First Class Stationary Engineer.

Terry has served as a member of the Tech Studies Advisory Council for the City of York Board of Education. He also has a long association with Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning as a member of the Advisory Commitee, and an Instructor in Computer Applications and programming.

Terry always approaches computer programming from the end user’s point of view allowing him to deliver applications that are friendly, flexible, and focused.

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Sajjad Haroon, B.Eng.
President, Lead Application Developer and Programmer
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Terry Champ, B.A.Sc., P.Eng
Vice President, Program Development
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