1. Return on your investment in 1-2 years

    You can save thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your facility, by implementing a program that allows you to run your Food Services Department efficiently and productively. DIET KONTROL enables you to streamline departmental, food and labour costs while achieving accountability and meeting regulatory compliance. Ultimately, the cost saving measures can ease financial variances and allow room in your budget to enhance your meal service delivery.

  2. Recipe & Menu Customization

    Having the ability to create and edit your own recipes means that you can be as creative as you like while all your information is stored in a secure database. This flexibility helps you address the growing demand for menu diversity and will enable you to meet the needs of changing ethnic clientele. The nutrient information is derived from the Canadian Nutrient File, USDA Nutrient Database and your own customized Supplier Database (Virtual Pantry™) which ensures a more accurate nutrition analysis.

  3. Resident Profile Information – The DIET KONTROL Advantage

    Residents’ requirements and needs can change regularly. Any changes made to a resident’s profile will automatically populate throughout the database, saving you time.  The recipe and menu customization coupled with the resident profile function ensures residents are provided with consistent, nutritional, tailored meal items to choose from. Family members can be assured that dietary needs for their loved one in the facility are met. Audit tools are provided within the system to ensure compliance to regulations.

  4. Intuitive and Time Saving

    Our program is highly intuitive and easy to learn – it only takes a few hours to get started.  We train and provide continuous technical support and professional guidance to answer your questions or concerns quickly. Future enhancements will only ensure that your job is made easier by using DIET KONTROL as many enhancements come from client suggestions.

  5. Compassion meets Innovation

    DIET KONTROL was born from the desire to improve the quality of nutritional care for residents living in long term care homes. Our principle is to focus on supporting our clients to ensure the goal of  providing excellent nutritional care for residents is accomplished. DIET KONTROL is a uniquely designed program that helps clients deliver a superior level of nutrition care. It’s where compassion and innovation meet to achieve a common goal.

Diet Kontrol

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For program support:

Sajjad Haroon, B.Eng.
President, Lead Application Developer and Programmer

For sales and information:

Terry Champ, B.A.Sc., P.Eng
Vice President, Program Development